Emer Aget


This fat, crescent-shaped “island” lies at the heart of the great dragon turtle Gwi Lung’s territory, and the monstrous beast has been driving ships towards its emerald shores for decades now. Being part of the Astral Sea, the island is barely hospitable, bearing little in the way of clean water and only the most robust plants and animals for food. The lack of night distorts your sense of time, and the unpleasant and difficult-to-digest cuisine makes men lust for real food more than anything; as such, the surviving gangs of ex-sailors are quick to turn on any newcomers who wash ashore, and incidents of cannibalism is not unheard of, or even judged.

On the surface of Emer Aget, bandit gangs of scavengers divide up the forests, shores, and islets, skirmishing with each other for supplies but otherwise avoiding conflict. Beneath the island, an unexplored network of tunnels are the home of an isolated cult. These magicians do not interact with the scavengers for the most part, keeping to their blood rituals to themselves, but whenever someone goes missing and no body turns up, everyone knows who to blame.

The “waters” around Emer Aget are nothing of the sort. The liquid that laps at the shoreline is breathable, but it also prickles the skin, and violent undertows quickly tear apart anyone foolish enough to skim beneath the surface—but some brave fools still try. Far below the island lies a graveyard of lost vessels; most scavengers believe that making the impossible journey to one of these moored and empty ships is the best way to escape the clutches of the island.

Emer Aget

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