Felandir Forest


Once an old elf-home, Felandir Forest is all but abandoned now, and the Coualesca Province has claimed the decaying demesnes as a source of lumber and game for its army. Lumber mills and camps dot the ridge of the forest, but few tieflings are brave enough to travel any deeper within… or skilled enough to come back.

Felandir Forest is in a state of perpetual twilight. Its massive, overgrown trees bend and lean against each other for support, as if the whole canopy might come crashing down. The forest floor is a tangled mess of gnarled roots, and barren of any other plants. At ground level, the forest seems empty, but the trees themselves are alive with a chorus of giant birds and winged monsters.

To date, only one eladrin has been seen anywhere within Felandir Forest—a hunter, dressed in garb out of place in the weather and aesthetic of the elf-home. The Gray Huntsman takes his name from the color of his attire, and for his propensity to track down and assassinate anyone who comes within his home.

Felandir Forest

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