Navigation (Intelligence)

You are experienced with charting your way through the flows of the universe, natural or otherwise, and can accurately predict the ideal way to reach your destination. On specific terrains, Nature, Arcana, or Religion may be substituted for Navigation, but Navigation can be applied to any scenario where you are setting a course or avoiding natural obstacles regardless of the plane. You gain bonuses to Navigation if you possess proper and up-to-date navigational charts/maps (+5 for a plain map, +10 for an expert map).

Plot a Course
Make a Navigation check to reduce the amount of time it takes to reach your destination, and avoid becoming lost. No more than two allies can Aid Another for this attempt.
Plot a Course: 1 hour per week of expected travel.

  • DC: Base DC 20, plus 5 per additional week of travel. The DC is -10 if the party always stays within sight of a coast of great landmark, and -5 if the party never leaves sight of the coast or landmark for more than a day. Special circumstances might increase the DC by 2 or 5, such as avoiding an expected storm, avoiding pursuit, or planning for multiple stops on the way, or if you are aiming for a moving target.
  • Success: The course is accurate and will get the ship where it wants to go, barring unforeseen circumstances. A check that succeeds by 5 or more makes good use of currents and winds, which decreases the duration of the trip by 20%.
  • Failure: A failed check sets the ship on the wrong course. Unless the ship happens across some sort of landmark that shouldn’t be on the planned route, the ship will keep sailing and perhaps end up hundreds of miles off course.

Anticipate Hazard
While following a course, make a Navigation check at the start of a hazard or encounter. Success means your navigational skills gave you fair warning of the danger—if the hazard is a natural occurrence along the your plotted course.
Anticipate Hazard: No action.

  • DC: The DC to anticipate a hazard is the same as the Perception DC to notice a hazard or hiding creatures, plus 5.
  • Success: Each member of your party a +5 bonus to initiative checks against the hazard or encounter, and a +5 bonus to Perception checks to avoid being surprised at the start of the encounter. If you succeed by 10 or more, you have the option to completely circumnavigate the hazard. If you continue into the encounter, you and your allies are not surprised.
  • Failure: The encounter plays out as normal.

Steer Clear
Make a Navigation check to help your ship navigate through deadly terrain.
Anticipate Hazard: Ship action. You start or end the action at the navigation square for your ship.

  • DC: Base DC 15. Circumstances such as weather or ongoing effects on the ship can raise the difficulty of this check..
  • Success: The ship gains a +2 crew bonus to its AC and Reflex defense against traps, hazards, and zone effects. For every 5 points by which you beat the DC, this bonus increases by +1. Crew bonuses stack, but a ship’s crew bonus to any stat cannot exceed its quality rating.
  • Failure: No effect.

Navigation (Intelligence)

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