Ship Rules

Hull: The ship’s hull operates in the same way as hit points. A ship’s hull takes half damage from melee and ranged attacks. Hulls are immune to poison and psychic damage, charm and fear effects, and to will attacks.
Broken: When a ship’s hull value is reduced to half, the ship is broken. Characters aboard it take a -4 penalty to Engineering, Navigation, and Sailing checks. Furthermore, the ship will lose supplies for every additional hit it takes.

Crew: The crew rating determines how many crew are working the ship. Attacks can be made on a ship’s crew. These crew are treated as minions. Attacks on a ship’s crew are treated as one attack, but the crew has cover against such attacks unless the attacker is facing an open side (from above, for most ships). Melee and ranged attacks deal crew damage equal to the number of targets. Close and ranged attacks deal damage for every square that touches the ship. Crew members do not take up space on a ship’s squares.
Skeleton Crew: When a ship is at half crew or less, it cannot make Navigation or Sailing checks during combat, and crew attacks are weakened. A ship with no crew cannot be controlled or make attacks.
Crew Powers: All ships have at least one crew attack (as defined in Ship Weapons, below). In addition, the ship gains a new crew power that any member of the ship can activate, plus 1 for every five levels. These powers depend on the makeup of the ship’s crew.

Movement: At the end of its turn, the ship moves at its speed in a straight line. If a character spends a move action at the helm of a ship, they can make one turn as part of the ship’s movement, at up to 90 degrees.

Ship Action: Some skills require a ship action to take effect. A ship action expends both a move and a minor action, as the character maneuvers around the ship, shouts orders at crewmen, and manipulates the rigging. A character can move to another part of the ship as part of a ship action, but they cannot leave the ship.

Ship Weapons: Each ship has its own array of weapons. Characters can make attacks and use weapon attack powers with a ship’s weapons.
Facing: Each weapon has a specific facing on the ship (fore, aft, port, starboard, crow, and keel; or front, back, left, right, top, and bottom, respectively). A weapon cannot attack a foe that is on the opposite side of its facing; attacks against foes that are not on its facing suffer a -2 penalty.Crew attacks do not have this penalty, but they generally do less damage and have a shorter range.
Automatic Attacks: While a ship has more than a skeleton crew, then at the end of a turn, it uses or reloads each weapon that was not used by a character. These attacks have an attack bonus equal to the proficiency bonus plus half the ship’s level. Automatic attacks deal damage as though they were weakened, using the ship’s level for the ability modifier to damage.

Ship Weapon Qualities
Like most weapons, ship weapons have a proficiency bonus and a base weapon damage. They also have special qualities, some of which are as follows.
Arcing: This weapon ignores the cover bonus that crew usually have against ship weapon attacks.
Boarding: On a hit with a basic attack using this weapon, the target is grabbed by the ship, making it possible to board. Ships locked by a boarding weapon can attack each other with crew attacks that normally have a range of 0.
While a ship is grabbing another, both ships must make competing Navigation checks to determine how both ships move in tandem. For each turn that nobody on either ship makes a Navigation check, the ships crash into each other, dealing hull damage equal to four times the level of each ship.
Brace: Like a spear can be raised against a charging opponent, this weapon can be positioned against a ramming ship. If you ready this weapon to attack the first ship to move into melee range, it deals extra damage as listed in the property.
Implement: This weapon does not need to be reloaded. However, each turn, its user must take a move action to attune with the weapon before using it.
The weapon can be used to make implement attacks. Implement attacks made with this weapon are considered ship attacks. Weapons with the implement property also have a multiplier, which improves the range at which implement attacks can be made.
Powered: This weapon stops functioning when the ship is broken.

Ship Weapons
Ballista: prof. bonus +3; damage 2d6 physical; range 20/40; reload ship
Cannon: prof. bonus +2; damage 2d10 physical; range 20/40; reload standard
Catapult: prof. bonus +2; damage 2d6 physical; range 20/40; reload ship; properties arcing
Celestial Circle: prof. bonus +2; damage 1d10 force, and the ship takes a -2 penalty to Perception checks; range 20/40; properties implement x2
Empty Circle: prof. bonus +2; damage 1d10 necrotic, and the ship takes a -2 penalty to Engineering checks; range 20/40; properties implement x2
Gales Circle: prof. bonus +2; damage 1d10 physical, and the ship takes a -2 penalty to Navigation checks; range 20/40; properties implement x2
Flamer: prof. bonus +2; damage 2d8 fire; melee 6; properties powered
Harpoon: prof. bonus +2; damage 1d10 physical; melee 4 or range 10/20; reload standard; properties boarding
Orblade: prof. bonus +2; damage 2d10 physical; melee 3; properties brace +1d6
Resonator: prof. bonus +2; damage 2d6 radiant; range 30/60; properties powered
Ship Lance: prof. bonus +3; damage 2d8 physical; melee 4; properties brace +1d6

Ship Rules

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